How to translate from theory to practice?

In many companies problems are solved by working harder, hiring more people or sending people to training classes.

Often we think that this is the solution to all problems. Many times that could be the case, but sometimes that is not the solution at all.
Attending a training session often gives you the same feeling. The training doesn’t lead to the desired effect. You have learned and heard a lot, but how to use this in your working environment?
Therefore I developed a follow-up: coaching. Together with me, you will learn to implement ideas from the training in your job.

During coaching, the coach will not perform the tasks himself but supervise the employee in such a way that the desired skills become a ‘natural habit’. Due to coaching often the desired result is achieved much faster.

I make use of different approaches::

Instructing, where the coachee is told how to do it. In this case the coach wil share his/her knowledge with the coachee.


Mentoring, often used as combination of instructing and mirroring/confronting. The mentor will share his/her knowledge but will more or less leave it to the mentee how to use it and then confront them with the results.


Mirroring/Confronting, where the coach  (figurly speaking) holds a mirror in front of the coachee. The coachee is now confronted with him/herself and will react an that and adapt or change the way  he/she works.


Soundingboardwhere the coachee holds the mirror for the coach to solve a situuation that the coachee blocks to work properly.

We see that often all methods are used iteratively in the same session.

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