Where people work together, communication is crucial. When this is not done properly conflicts may arise. Some are more visible than others and therefore these conflicts might be more difficult to resolve.

Conflicts might be beneficial for the organization or the project. How to handle conflicts without harming relationships? Experience the different styles and discover you preferred style.

Some people see negotiations as a game, as a part of life. You can negotiate in the office, at home in a store, everywhere. With your manager, your partner, friends, with whomever. 
Both parties try to get to a mutual agreement. What will be the situation when I do not entirely get what I actually want?

Major topics that will be discussed:

  • Communication basics
  • How to handle conflicts
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • Preparing for the negotiation
  • Exploring the win/win
  • Reactions to ‘dirty’ tricks
  • Successful strategies

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