Project Management

"Who gets the job done?"

A lot of work nowadays is executed in ‘projects’. Some companies change their organizational structure to make this possible. Internal assignments as          well as client assignments are executed as a project. Although all projects differ from each other, the success is reported in the same way: a successful     project ends in time, within budget and according the scope (customer requirements).

This success doesn’t stop when the project ends. It radiates to other parts in the organization. Project management is seen as a true profession nowadays, with specific knowledge, skills and professional certifications.

Our objective is to teach you different concepts within working in projects in the hard skills (technical/knowledge) as well as the soft (behavior) skills despite     the industry you work in.

In the training I take YOUR project as a starting point.

In this way, the training will be more related to YOUR situation.


Among the topics we discuss are:

  • Aspects of working in Projects
  • Defining Goal, Objectives, Scope of the project
  • Phasing and organizing the project
  • Create and schedule the activities and budget
  • Risk management
  • Project control
  • Hand-over and closure of the project


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